10 Minute Ab Workout – Pilates Abs at Home!

10 Minute Ab Workout

Are you ready for a 10 Minute Ab Workout that doesn’t make you do one hundred crunches?

As a physical therapist I hear from many clients who do upwards of 100 crunches a day thinking they are doing the best thing they can for themselves.

People are taught they just have to fly through a ton of crunches to check off the ab work box on their workout for the day.

I even saw a patient once recovering from back surgery who’s surgeon told him he just needed to do 500 crunches a day for recovery to heal. No physical therapy necessary.

I can promise you I had quite the talk with that patient working to convince him that Pilates could do a lot more to heal his back than 500 crunches a day!

I have so much to say about this and not enough room in one post. Quick summary: You do not have to do crunches ever if you don’t want to. Faster isn’t always better. “Ab work” isn’t a box to check off. It’s best done when incorporated into a whole bunch of dynamic and functional movements.

My newest YouTube video is a 10 Minute Ab Workout that I promise is better than one hundred crunches a day! I take you through it SLOWLY, meaning you’ll have good form and feel the burn (if you’re into that kind of thing 😀). 

Yes there is a time and place for abdominal work for sure. Let’s just make sure we are actually getting something from the time we put into it!



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