Barre Workout At Home – 10 Minutes Is All You Need!

Barre Workout At Home

I’m sure many of you have heard of or tried the barre workout craze, and I’m definitely on board.  I first tried barre classes years ago and fell in love immediately.  The exercises really worked my legs in a functional way and added some great and challenging arm work with light weights.  I felt it was the perfect compliment to Pilates work, and I still feel that way!

I now try to get in one full barre workout per week.  It’s not always possible for me to get to a studio or class, so I often do my barre workout at home.  All you need is a chair and a little space and you can get an amazing leg, arm and core workout!

One of the reasons I love barre is because you can get a great workout in ten minutes or 60 minutes!  If you only have a little time, this 8 minute routine will help target all muscle groups and get your heart rate up.  If you have more time, try doing it 3 times through, or check out this post for another great barre workout you can use in combination with this one.  Or check out our You Tube channel for other home workout ideas!  Make sure you listen to the cueing and follow proper form to get the best workout possible and avoid knee and back pain.  Then, crank up the music and get yourself moving!

Remember to always check with a doctor before making workout changes.  With barre specifically, you will want to avoid knee pain.  To do this, try doing a smaller motion.

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