The Benefits of Pilates and How to Start!

benefits of pilates

When my clients finally learn about the benefits of Pilates and walk in the door or find me on their computer screen, at least half say “I’ve been meaning to try Pilates forever!”

It can take some time and lots of nudges before we try something new and experience the benefits for ourselves. We wait for the perfect time and the perfect circumstances.

The thing is, things won’t ever feel completely perfect!

We need to take charge of our health and our bodies even when it doesn’t feel like the perfect timing. We need to make ourselves a priority in order to feel our best!

That’s why I’m bringing you my top three benefits of Pilates today. I want you to realize that you do have the power and ability to find strength and empowerment. You can decrease your pain and improve your posture and balance and confidence.

I’ll tell you all about the benefits of Pilates which include:

  1. How Pilates is a whole body exercise program. We don’t just look at one body part! We address the entire system and how it works together for health.
  2. How Pilates balances the body. This means better posture, improved balance and a decreased likelihood of injury.
  3. How Pilates helps makes you better at everything else you do! By gaining body awareness and balanced strength you’ll find you can reach your goals quicker and safer, whether this means playing with your grandkids or running a marathon!

You can start today!

A regular Pilates and movement program can help you prevent injury, increase balance, improve posture, build strength, prevent osteoporosis, gain confidence and so much more.

As a physical therapist, Pilates is one of my favorite tools to help my clients get back to a full and healthy and happy life.

It’s there for you too when you are ready to start!




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