The Best Golf Exercises

golfer exercises

Golf Exercises

golfer exercises

Are you a golfer?

I’m not.

In full disclosure, I’ve golfed once in my life. It was a three hole course in St. Lucia and I was in a bikini.

I don’t think it counts.

My many rounds of miniature golf just don’t cut it, either.

What I have done is seen hundreds and hundreds of clients over the past 17 years who do golf.

These are passionate folks who LOVE to golf and are willing to push through just about any stiffness or ache or pain to get onto the green.

The problem comes when those aches and pains are ignored for long enough that they become chronic. Or when a weekend warrior golfer comes home after 18 holes and suddenly wakes up the next morning with pain in their side when they breathe.

While I may not play golf myself, I do understand the specific biomechanical needs of the body to perform a drive, a swing, a chip and a put.

Which means I also know the specific golf exercises to help prevent injury, decrease pain and possibly even improve your golf swing!

In order to swing a driver and power the ball down the fairway, the body needs four main things:

  1. Shoulder motion

  2. Spine rotation

  3. Hip and pelvic rotation and opening

  4. Strength and control of these three things

When there is a limitation in one of these areas, the golfer’s body will still try to honor the golfer by getting into the swing position. Which means it will try to find motion somewhere else to make up for the lack of motion in the shoulders, spine or hips.

This can lead to muscle imbalances and pain.

For example, tight thoracic spines are common in golfers. But you need quite a bit of thoracic mobility to find the rotation needed for a drive. When the body doesn’t have that rotation available, you can easily pull muscles in the ribs and middle back, or find yourself with chronic shoulder tendinitis and golfers elbow.

But when you have the motion you need, as well as the strength in those motions, the muscles are balanced and the body can give you the swing and drive you want.

This 15 minute Golf Exercise Home Pilates Workout is perfect for anyone who likes to golf and wants to make sure they are staying healthy and strong while they do it.

As a bonus for you tennis players, the movements needed in your sport are similar to golf! This workout can help you as well.

golf exercises


*While I am a physical therapist, I am not your physical therapist. This video is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition. Please consult your doctor before starting any new exercises program and stop if you have pain.

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