Jessica Valant Pilates gift guide


Gift Guide 2019 – Gift Ideas and My Favorite Products From The Year!

  I’m so excited to share my gift guide 2019 with you! I know that I’m always looking for gift ideas for the perfect gifts and …

mushroom coffee


Mushroom Coffee – Why I Love It

Yes I’m talking about mushroom coffee. Just hear me out. I love coffee. Really and truly love it. It’s the ritual and the smell and the …

10 minute workout with weights


10 Minute Workout With Weights – You Need to Lift Heavy Things!

You have to pick up heavy things and workout with weights! I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the line society decided that men …

prolapse exercises

Prenatal/Postpartum, Workouts

Prolapse Exercises – Safe Workout for Prolapse

How much do you know about prolapse and prolapse exercises? If you are like me, not very much. I was diagnosed with a bladder prolapse after …

Inspiration, Kids

Crying My Eyes Out and Letting Go of Expectations

  I nursed my last babe for the last time this weekend. And proceeded to bawl my eyes out. (Whether you are man or woman, kid …

Fitness, Pilates

Five Pilates Myths – BUSTED!

I’m so excited for our next 30 Day Pilates Beginners Bootcamp that starts May 1, 2019! To celebrate I am busting five common Pilates myths to …

Easy Foot Exercises


Easy Foot Exercises – a 10 Minute Exercise Video!

Look down at your feet right now. Yes, I mean it :). I’ll wait. Ok, did you look? Now say “Thank you feet for doing such …

Desk Exercises at Work


Desk Exercises at Work – A Workout Video

  I have worked out and exercised in some very strange places in my lifetime. At the playground with my kids Standing in the park holding …


Pilates – Teacher Training Programs and Where They Came From

There are three very common questions I get when clients are asking about Pilates and how to start: Who are you trained by and what are …

coffee with coconut oil


Coffee with Coconut Oil – Life Changing Coffee!

I love coffee, but coffee with coconut oil takes it to a new level. Hear me out. I’ve taken breaks from coffee throughout my life. The …