Carbon38 Favorites

I spend the majority of my days in workout clothes. They need to be long lasting, easy to clean, flexible yet never falling down in the wrong places, comfortable, child proof and spit up proof, affordable and fun!


I have many different brands in my closet but one of my absolute favorites is Carbon38. This is a brand few people know about and I get questions about my Carbon clothes every time I wear them!


In this video I show you every item I’ve purchased from Carbon38, why I love it, what sizes I recommend and your special discount code! Links to learn more and purchase are below.

Use code JESSICAVAL20 to get 20% off your order of $100 or more!



Links to my favorite Carbon38 finds as shown in the video:


Beyond Yoga Pearlized High Waisted Midi Legging in Brazen Blush


High Waisted 7/8 Takara Legging


High Waisted Takara Legging (regular length) – I love them all but Orchid Pink is my current favorite

*I am 5’4″ and these normally go over my heel unless I get an XS size. That’s why I like having the option for the 7/8 length as well!


K Deer Sneaker Length Striped Leggings


Rally Tank


Pearl Tank


Motion Tank 


Crop Tank