Cardio Pilates Mat Workout Part 1

I’m really excited to share another Pilates Mat workout with you that can be done at home and needs no equipment but your body and a mat!  I actually planned to make Part 1 and Part 2 each 10 minutes long for a 20 minute total workout, but I guess I got a little carried away when filming.  The workout is actually 30 minutes total – even better!


What makes this “cardio” is simply that it is done with a faster pace and the exercises flow from one directly into the other.  Joseph Pilates wanted his exercises and sessions to increase his clients’ heart rates and create heat in the body.  One of the ways he did this was by choreographing his exercises to move seamlessly from one to another in a very distinct order.  That, combined with the idea of fewer repetitions and a quicker pace of movement, are a few of the characteristics of “classical” Pilates.  I have taken the principle of flowing and quick movements and combined it with a more contemporary Pilates mat workout.  The result is a challenging workout that combines traditional Pilates exercises and breathing with increased repetitions and pulsing.  It will definitely make you work!

Being a physical therapist, I am really big on offering modifications for exercises.  Due to the pace of this workout, I don’t offer many during this video.  Please know this is meant to be an intermediate to advanced workout, and we have many other Pilates workouts to chose from if you are just getting started or recovering from an injury.  If you do this video, a few options for modifications are to not hold the crunch position if you are having neck pain or to do the planking on your knees or elbows if you are getting strain or low back pain.  You can always rest as needed and jump right back in!  Just listen to your body and have fun (and maybe sweat a little :).


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  1. Hi Jess, this is perfect. I miss working your classes so this will be a great especially in the winter in Chicago when I get get out of the house because of all the snow!!!!!


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