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Crying My Eyes Out and Letting Go of Expectations

  I nursed my last babe for the last time this weekend. And proceeded to bawl my eyes out. (Whether you are man or woman, kid …


My Advice to Moms of 3 Year Olds

  My amazing daughter turned four years old earlier this year. She is smart and funny and patient and kind. She is resilient and always willing …

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Toddler Sleep Training – Or Something Like That

  I have a three year old daughter whom I adore. More than adore. I “there is no word for how all encompassing my love is …

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What I’ve Learned Having a Two Year Old

And just like that, she’s three years old. My baby no longer holds a baby’s place in the world. She can run, skip, jump, somersault, tumble, …



When Your Baby Turns Two – The Toddler Years

This post was originally published one year ago, when my daughter turned two. She has a birthday this week, and it’s now my tradition to write …

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New Moms – What I Wish I Would Have Known

  Nothing can prepare you for how miraculous and wonderful (and sometimes confusing and exhausting) being a parent really is. Everyone finds their own way as they …

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Healthy School Lunch and Snack Ideas for Kids (and Adults!)

If I get stressed, bored or hormonal, I have a built in mechanism that seeks out packaged foods. Food manufacturers know this, and are happy to …



Advice for a Toddler Mom

I am officially the mom of a two year old. I no longer have an infant or baby in the house. I have a beautiful, smart, …

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12 Things Only New Moms Understand

I had the opportunity to write this post for Lifehack this week. I am excited to share it here as well! Originally posted at There is …

Pilates Happy Hour 10 Tips for New Moms


10 Essential Tips for New Moms and Baby’s First Year

This was originally published in early 2014 when my daughter was just turning one. She is now close to her second birthday and I’ll be posting …