mushroom coffee


Mushroom Coffee – Why I Love It

Yes I’m talking about mushroom coffee. Just hear me out. I love coffee. Really and truly love it. It’s the ritual and the smell and the …


What’s in my Refrigerator?

I love cooking shows, but I often wonder how realistic they are. I mean, they have other people buying groceries for them and cleaning up. All …

healthy travel

Fitness, Nutrition

7 Ways for Healthy Travel While on a Business Trip

Healthy travel can be hard. Add to that the stress and busy schedule of a business trip and you could have a recipe for health disaster! I’ve …

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Money Saving Tips – Use Your Freezer!

We had an extra freezer in the garage when I was growing up. It was a beast of a freezer. One of those old school things where …

what i ate wednesday


What I Ate Wednesday…Really!

I have no idea why I love hearing about what other people eat during the day. But I do. There is something both comforting and inspiring …

healthy travel snacks


Healthy Travel Snacks – What I Take With Me

Traveling can be a healthy lifestyle killer. You have to find extra time and space to do your workouts You have to wash your hands constantly …



My 12 Tips for Eating Less Sugar

Thank you to for the opportunity to research and write this article and for sharing it with their audience.  You guys know I like sugar. I work …

candida cleanse nuts


My Candida Cleanse and Anti-Candida Diet Story

It all started with a plastic bear full of frosted animal crackers staring at me in Target last week. Seriously, he was taunting me. “Buy me. Eat …

Decrease Sugar Cravings


10 Easy Ways to Decrease Sugar Cravings

Did you know that sugar was once used as currency, and people would trade highly valuable objects for the powdery white stuff? I can relate, because …

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Low-Glycemic Diet – How To Improve Your Health

Paleo. Whole 30. South Beach. Mediterranean. What do they all have in common? They are all low-glycemic. I try not to promote specific “rules” for eating.  You …