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prolapse safe exercises

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Complete Prolapse Guide – Prolapse Safe Exercises and Prolapse Surgery Success Stories

I am so happy to bring you my Complete Prolapse Guide, Prolapse Safe Exercises and Prolapse Surgery Success Stories. You see, I had multiple prolapses and …

osteoporosis exercises

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Osteoporosis Exercises – Safe Routine for Stronger Bones

  Osteoporosis exercises are important for anyone who has been diagnosed with osteoporosis or who would like to prevent losing bone density and having osteoporosis in …

Prevent Injury

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Two Easy Ways to Prevent Injury with Exercise

How To Prevent Injury in Two Steps I recently did a great interview with Gina of The Healthy in Real Life Podcast. We discussed when surgery is …

posture exercises

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Posture Exercises – Easy Pilates Posture Correction Exercises for Home

Posture Exercises We all know we should stand up straight. There are actually so many other pieces involved in good posture other than simply standing up …

balance exercises

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Balance Exercises – 10 Minutes to Better Balance

Balance Exercises – 10 Minutes to Better Balance If you have watched your parents or grandparents age, you have probably seen them suffer from some balance …

workout schedule

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Exercises for Knee Pain and Runners

Exercises for knee pain can be beneficial to almost anyone who uses their legs on a daily basis, including runners! Whether it be walking, hiking, running, squatting, …

scoliosis workout

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Back Pain Treatment – Ice or Heat?

You are innocently doing laundry and you bend over to pull the heavy, wet load out of the washer. That’s when you feel it the pain, …

how to do crunches

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How To Do Crunches

You probably know how to do crunches, but do you know how to do them without pain? That’s an entirely different subject. People generally have a love/hate …

online fitness

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Working Out While Sick – Good or Bad?

Working out while sick…good or bad decision? I have been back and forth on this question for most of my adult life. Should I be working …


Health & Injuries

Good Posture Changes Everything

This is a picture of our wedding in 2010. You see a happy bride and groom, the sun reflecting off the islands in the distance, and the …