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Sciatica and An Exercise Routine for Sciatic Nerve Pain

I recently received this email from a reader: “I have been doing your video for low back pain and it has really been helping! I would …

Cory Vines Pilates Happy Hour

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Scoliosis Exercises and 3 Workouts for Lower Back Pain

I have to start with this dream I had last night. I was in a ballroom teaching a Pilates mat class of about 100 people. There …

scoliosis workout

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Pilates Exercises to Improve Lower Back Pain

I am going to take a wild guess and say at some point in your life you have experienced lower back pain. It may have been …

knee pain exercises

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Knee Pain Exercises You Can Do At Home

Knee pain can really diminish the enjoyment you get out of life!  Having a hard time sitting, kneeling, squatting, climbing stairs and walking  pretty much affect most of …

Signs of a Heart Attack Pilates Happy Hour

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Heart Health – Signs of a Heart Attack

A few year’s ago, my good friend’s dad suffered a heart attack. He had experienced mild arm pain the week before and decided he should go …

Surfing Exercises Pilates for Surfing

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Surfing Exercises That Work – Core Strengthening for Surfers

I lived and worked in Denver for 9 years.  From November through March, I could assume that every knee injury that walked through my door was …

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The Good and Bad of Online Medical Advice and Information

When I was born, we didn’t use computers.  I didn’t have an email account until college or a cell phone until I was 21.  I had …


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Home Workout Program for Scoliosis

Scoliosis is defined as a sideways curvature of the spine.  A true “scoliosis” has a measurable degree of curvature upon X-ray, and generally develops during the …

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Physical Therapy Exercises for Low Back or Neck Pain

I give a lot of homework to my patients.  While seeing me in the clinic is hugely important to a person’s outcome, it’s what that person …

Health & Injuries

The Importance of Communicating with Your Doctor

A few months ago my mom had “routine” outpatient surgery.  I heard from my dad that, after two days at home, she still wasn’t feeling better. …