Cory Vines Fitness Clothing and a Gift For You


What would you do if a friend and client came up to you before a Pilates class and said, “Oh my gosh! Jessica, you HAVE to feel this material! I ordered this shirt for my husband but told him he can’t have it until you see it. Isn’t it amazing??”

You would probably feel the shirt, right?

That is how my journey with Cory Vines began (big shout out to Sue, my shirt stealing friend xoxo).

Sue knows that I basically live in workout clothes.  I was working 50 hours/week seeing clients and teaching classes, and then I would come home and do my own workouts.  Jeans were basically a big night out for me!

I decided to research Cory Vines and I loved what I saw. This was two years ago and, at the time, they were just getting started (look at them now!). They didn’t have a big variety of clothes, but everything they had was beautiful, simple, streamlined and functional.  I already knew how the material felt, so I decided to try out a few pieces.

Cory Vines

The Path Racerback Tank and the Lane Crop Legging.

This outfit was put through the test the first week I received it. Let me tell you about my day and what this wonderful outfit had to do:

Film a barre video at 6:00am, go on a walk with the stroller, finish loading a 50ft container because we literally were moving that day from Hawaii to California, clean our house for the inspection, and finish the day at the hotel at 10:00pm.

The outfit stayed in place, never wrinkled, didn’t smell and covered all my parts the way it was meant to. I was in love.

Cory Vines Pilates Happy Hour

I contacted Cory Vines the next week asking how I could help get the word out! There are a lot of amazing brands of fitness clothes on the market right now, and I love many of them, but I had never found anything that functioned as well as these did for the prices.  (You guys won’t even believe the prices!). I also had so appreciated talking to Daniel, the owner and founder, and I believed in the mission of Cory Vines.  I just figured more people needed to know!

They generously offered that I become a Cory Vines Trailblazer, and I’m proud to help spread the word about this great company.

I basically have three major requirements of my fitness clothing:

1) They have to stay in place all day. I really do pretty much live in workout clothes. Sometimes I throw on my junkie ones if spit up or poopy diapers are involved, but most of the time I am running between teaching, seeing clients, workout out myself, running errands and being a mom. I have tried many clothes that end up sagging throughout the day. There is nothing worse than teaching or taking a 6:00pm class and having to pull up your pants the entire time because they are falling down!


The Lane Racerback Tank and The Path Legging.

2) They have to be easy to maintain and maintain their look through washings. I do not have time to pull out every piece of fitness clothing from the washer and let it hang dry. I definitely don’t have the inclination to dry clean everything. My workout clothes get washed and dried, period. I know that after a year or so they will take a beating, but I appreciate when they don’t get runs or pills from going through the laundry.

3) They have to make me feel beautiful and make me want to workout. This is so important and something so many people shake their heads at. Business people will tell you they always put on their best power suits before important meetings because it makes them FEEL powerful. Working out is the same thing! Clothing helps motivate you to go to a class or go for a run. When made well, clothing can also make all body types look amazing. Cory Vines fits the bill with their material, construction and simplicity.

If you feel overwhelmed by the clothing choices out there, I encourage you to give Cory Vines a try! Their site is beautiful and easy to browse, and they also have free shipping for more than two items and FREE RETURNS! (I’ve had to return and exchange sizes and the process is so easy.)

Best of all, Cory Vines has generously offered a $10 discount for all Pilates Happy Hour readers! Use the code HAPPYHOUR10 at checkout! It expires April 30, 2015, so don’t wait :)!

Go place your order now and let me know what you buy and how you like it!

By being a part of the Trailblazer program I was offered a discount on Cory Vines clothing.  All opinions are my own. Thank you!

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  1. Hi Jess! I am stil loving my Cory Vines. Way to go Trailblazer. I am going to put and order in. Thanks for the 10 Bucks 🙂


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