DEIB & Anti-Racism

My mission as a physical therapist, Pilates teacher and educator has always been to support a person’s whole health and well being. I believe that everyone has a right to feel strong and secure in their own bodies. I believe movement, healthcare and support should be equitable, available and accessible to everyone, no matter size, ability, age, race, sexual orientation or gender identification. I am committed to using my platform and voice for the ongoing process of making sure Jessica Valant Pilates, our content and our work reflects these beliefs. 

Here are some ways I am holding myself accountable and working towards diversity, equity, inclusivity and belonging here at Jessica Valant Pilates, and also in my family and community at large. I am committed to creating a space that feels safe for all BIPOC, LGBTQ+, larger bodied and non able-bodied people.

We are working with an DEIB and anti-racism coach for leadership, education and accountability in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion. This relationship will be ongoing so that we continue to learn and take the necessary steps in our business to create a space that is diverse, equitable and inclusive.

I am committed to improving representation in my marketing materials, social media posts and promotional material. I will do this in various ways, including actively reaching out to models who represent marginalized groups, using a variety of images of Jessica Valant Pilates community members and doing regular audits of our social media and marketing images to ensure we have a diverse representation. 

I am committed to amplifying guest teachers and writers for Jessica Valant Pilates from the BIPOC, LGBTQ+, larger bodied and non able-bodied communities. I will actively create relationships and a network of professionals within our industry and continually pay for their services and contributions to our members and business.

I am committed to equality and equity in healthcare, especially as it relates to the health of moms, babies and women identified individuals in marginalized groups. I will work towards this by attending conferences and trainings, understanding research and trends and creating content shedding light on the inequity and racism in healthcare. I also contribute financially and give directly to Jamaa Birth Village, Black Mamas Matter Alliance and Black Women’s Health Imperative.

I recognize that the fitness industry itself is inherently racist, sizeist, exclusive and ablest and that I have benefitted from this in the past. I am committed to learning and receiving feedback in order to be an inclusive space and help create the change that’s needed in our industry. Questions or feedback can be directed to [email protected].

I am committed to being transparent to you in my learning process and growth in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. I will do this through social media, blog posts and other content in order to educate our community about this journey and continually create a safe space for marginalized groups.


Here are a list of resources we support, amplify and appreciate. We will update this list regularly and as applicable.

Jessica Valant Pilates colleagues and guest teachers

Marimba Gold-Watts

Tasha Edwards

Mychele Sims

Martin Reid

Jason Williams

Crystal Hadnott, MS, CNS, PhD

Lashonda Jones, PT

Workshops and articles about anti-racism in the fitness industry

Race, Pilates and Change by Roxy Menzies

What it Means to be Black in Fitness by Rozalynn S. Frazier

The Fitness Industry Needs to Confront Its Structural Racism

Ableism is the Issue in Wellness We’re Not Addressing

Institutional Racism in the Health Care Industry

Black Women’s Maternal Health

Chrissy King

Sonja Price Herbert

Mental Health Resources for the Black Community

Activists and Instagram accounts promoting and teaching anti-racism and inclusion











Black and Indigenous owned businesses in the fitness industry

Pilates Comics – marketing and graphic design

Elevate Activewear – apparel

Solely Fit – apparel

Lukafit – apparel (all inclusive sizing as well)

Sworkit – fitness app

Culture Fit Clothing – apparel

Well for Culture – workshops


Black Mamas Matter Alliance

Black Midwives Alliance

Black Women’s Health Imperative

UpLift Colorado

Native Wellness Institute

The Indigenous Foundation