Easter tips, recipes and fitness round-up

Hi everyone and Happy Easter weekend!  Whether you celebrate with traditions and a big family gathering, or simply enjoying a few jelly beans, you may find something helpful in the Easter round up below!

FitSugar’s article “What 100 calories of easter candy looks like”.  Splurge, go crazy, enjoy yourself!  Just maybe take a quick peek at how many calories you are consuming in those chocolate eggs.  Personally, I’d skip the jelly beans and go straight for the Reese’s egg.

Start the day with this energizing Pilates ab routine.  Depending how many peanut butter balls you eat, you may want to do it a few times 🙂

This round up of vegan recipes for Easter at Oh She Glows.  This is one of my favorite sites for recipe ideas.  Even if you aren’t vegan, give some of these a try!  They are easy and healthy and so delicious.   Do you remember those chocolate peanut butter balls I made a while back?  Yep, those were based on an Oh She Glows recipe.   Come to think of it, they tasted kind of like a Reese’s egg…



Recipe and article on “How to make Peeps with a top pastry chef” at The Chalkboard.  If you like Peeps and you are adventurous in the kitchen, this one is for you.

Happy Easter from our family to yours!  Have a great weekend!



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