Exercises for Bloating and Digestion – Short Routine for Home

Exercise for Bloating and Digestion

Exercises for Bloating and Digestion

I honestly never thought about digestion when I was younger. I ate what I wanted and let my body take care of it.

No biggie.

Then I had a colonoscopy at the ripe old age of 27 because of the weird stomach pains and intestinal problems I was having.

It ended up being associated with my later diagnosis of endometriosis, but it really made me sit up and take notice of what was happening underneath those ab muscles I was working so hard to strengthen.

Joseph Pilates knew that our digestive systems have a huge impact on our overall health! He called it our “internal shower”. Many of our favorite Pilates exercises do more than “lengthen and tone” – they increase circulation and motility in our digestive organs.

Which means better digestion, decreased bloating, less gas and more pooping. That all adds up to better health for all of us – yay!

So the next time you squeeze your knee in tight during single leg stretch or extend into a swan, send some loving energy to your stomach, intestines and colon.

They may not be the sexiest body parts we talk about, but they serve a pretty important purpose and we should be glad we have them. 

Below you’ll find the 10 minute routine I do to help with digestion and bloating. Those are common symptoms with endometriosis, but can also affect people with IBS, IBD and ulcerative colitis.

We can all benefit from these exercises for bloating and digestion! 

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  1. Any modifications for knees that don’t happily bend (at 4:20 – deep child’s pose and during deep stretches at end, for example)?


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