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free online pilates

“If the only prayer you ever said in your entire life was thank you, it would be enough.” -Meister Eckhart

Life is made up of seasons.

There are seasons of joy and seasons of pain. Seasons of work and seasons of rest. Seasons of chaos and seasons of peace. Seasons of “please make this stop” and seasons of “I don’t ever want this to end”.

A year ago I was personally in the midst of a painful, confusing, bring me to my knees season.

I had recently undergone my second laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis and was told after three years of trying to get pregnant that I could not. My tubes were scarred, my intestines were stuck to my abdominal wall and there was an unknown growth on my liver.

I was dealing with the aftermath of feeling betrayed by my body, confused about my path and, in many ways, alone.

One year later and we have a beautiful, healthy seven week old baby boy. We have moved to a new city, our daughter is in a new school. We have purchased a house, changed jobs, taken care of family members, said good-bye to dear friends and hello to new ones.

We have cried, survived, thrived, lived, loved, laughed and healed.

When I think of what I am thankful for, it’s easy for me in this current season. All I have to do is look at my two beautiful children, both of whom are truly miracles, and my amazing husband, who has been my best friend and rock for over a decade and is the best father I could possibly imagine.

While I am admittedly in a season of healing and joy, I would be remiss to not say a quiet thank you for the season of pain that came before it.

It was that season of pain and heartache and difficulty that has made me so utterly thankful for what I have now.

While we need seasons of joy and peace in order to rest and receive, it typically is not during those times that we grow the most. It is during the times of difficulty that we grow and stretch and learn and see our own true strength.

While I will never know why we go through certain challenges in life. I would happily take away my endometriosis if I could. But I can say that it is those challenges that have taught me the most about myself and helped make me who I am.

So during this week of Thanksgiving, I give thanks not only for what I have, but for what I’ve been through to get here. I give thanks for the people who supported me through the hard times and for the chance to now be walking into the light at the end of the tunnel.

When the hard times come again – and they always come – I will remember they are temporary. I will remember I have a support system to lean on and help carry me. I will remember that there is another season ahead.

I will look at my sweet babies and remember that prayers are answers, even if they aren’t on our timetable or the way we would like.

And I will remember to give thanks. Because gratitude in the face of fear can chase away the darkness.

Here is sending you positive thoughts and healing wishes this Thanksgiving week. I’m thankful for you and your journey here to this website and post. Thank you for sharing in all the life seasons with me!

Join me this Thursday, November 23rd, for a special Free Online Pilates Gratitude Mat Class. The class will be held live on my Jessica Valant Pilates Facebook Page at 10:30am EST. All you need is your mat and twenty minutes to start your day with gratitude!

free online pilates



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