Jessica’s Favorites 5/21/21

Some of my very favorite products in my life have been found through the recommendations of others! I want to pass that on to you and share some of my favorite finds. This will always include things I’ve tried myself and use regularly. (affiliate links included)




Andalou Naturals Ultra Sheer Daily Defense Facial Lotion SPF 18

Summer is almost here in Colorado which means fun and sun! I have spent so much time trying to find the best daily SPF and this Andalou Daily Face Lotion is my favorite. It has an SPF 18 rating so it’s perfect to layer under my makeup every morning. If we are going to the pool or long sunny hikes I’ll do an extra layer of a higher SPF on my face, but this daily lotion is my favorite for every day basic wear. It’s light and non greasy, uses clean ingredients I trust and I use it on my face and neck and chest every morning! At only $14 it can’t be beat.



Sol De Janerio Bazilian Bum Bum Cream


Ok this one takes some explaining 😀. One result of aging I have found recently is in the appearance of my skin, especially my upper arms and booty area. Keeping skin hydrated is a huge part of helping the appearance of skin. I have committed to drinking more water to help and one night I found myself researching lotions to help and this Sol De Janerio Bum Bum cream kept appearing!  It’s pronounced “boom boom” cream and is known for it’s powerful guarana extract. I know from previous research that caffeine in skin care products actually is extremely affective for circulation and appearance, and the guarana has four times the caffeine than coffee! It has no parabens and smells delicious. I can’t vouch for my skin appearance yet but I can say I look forward to using it every day. It’s non greasy and rubs in easily yet keeps my skin so so hydrated. Love it so far!



Elite Sports Sliders


I am having a moment with exercise sliders! I am loving the variety it adds to my workouts and actually just filmed an entire slider workouts for UNLIMITED. Yes you can use washcloths or paper plates but honestly the sliders work SOOO much better! They are only $9 and I think totally worth it. Here is a great pair I like!


Liquid IV

You might have seen me post about Liquid IV this week and I have to rave about it again! I have actually wanted to try this for years and finally ordered some in January and I LOVE IT. It’s part of my hydration mission and it uses a proprietary system to actually drive more electrolytes and hydration into your system. It’s a delicious powder you simply put in water. They have the regular version, an immune boost version and a night time version you can make into tea to help with sleep. I seriously love this product so much. You actually can get 25% off and free shipping when you use code JESSICAVALANTPILATES. Find it here!


Outdoor Inflatable Portable Hot Tub

My love for this hot tub can not be underestimated. Let me give you the full story. We had one of these when we lived in Hawaii and I had a love affair with it. We left it behind when we moved seven years ago. Then last summer came and the world was shut down. We have a small back yard and all pools and summer activities were closed. I told my husband to please order anything he wanted for the backyard to keep the kids happy in the summer months. He surprised us with another inflatable hot tub! This is the one product our friends ask us about the most. It comes in a box and you just blow it up with an air compressor! It has a motor and keeps the hot tub warm, all the way up to 104 degrees! I mean it even stayed that warm in our Colorado winters. It easily turns down in the summer for kid swimming. It fits four of us easily and has a tight fitting cover with clips (so I feel safe with the kids around if the cover is on). It is the FRACTION of a regular hot tub cost and just so darn amazing!! You can find our exact version here.



Those are some of the things I’m loving so much right now! Thanks for being here and I hope you find something you love this week!

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