The Limitations with YouTube Workouts

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When I moved from Hawaii three years ago, I left many Pilates and physical therapy clients who had become like family over the years.

I had people asking me “how am I going to workout without you?” and “how will I know if I’m doing the exercises correctly?”

This led me to post my very first video on YouTube, and I’ve never looked back.

5 Minute Inner Thigh Workout

I love posting workout videos on my YouTube channel and on my blog. It allows me to share my knowledge and my natural excitement for exercise and movement.

It also gives me an outlet for my constant need for talking :).

While I love YouTube, it does have some limitations and isn’t always the best way to help people change their bodies and their lives.

Over the years, I’ve found three major limitations with YouTube Workouts:

1) Community

2) Accountability

3) Overall workout schedule

COMMUNITY – Nothing replaces the energy and community that can be found in a small group class or studio. I’ve found that here with you all, in our private Facebook group and especially in the UNLIMITED group. With almost 40,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel, it’s impossible to develop relationships with people and hear all the amazing personal stories that come from successful workout programs.

ACCOUNTABILITY – One of the biggest challenges I hear from people is that they lack motivation. Having a group or a leader to keep you accountable is one of the biggest ways to combat that lack of motivation! With YouTube, you can pop in and out whenever you want, sometimes missing two months of workouts, because no one is there to help keep you accountable. Because it’s free, it feels like it will always be there and there is no hurry to use it.

OVERALL WORKOUT SCHEDULE – This is the difference between simply doing something every day and actually making permanent changes in your body. Yes you can do your regular two mile walk every day, and it’s great for your health! But your body will get used to it over time and you won’t see changes you may be hoping for. It’s the same if you find one or two single YouTube workouts you love and only do those. Yes they will definitely help keep you healthy because movement is movement, but, without branching out and challenging yourself, you won’t make gains. With the amount of choices on YouTube, it can be overwhelming to know what to do next or where to start.

I will continue to post on YouTube, but I decided a few years ago I wanted to offer more for those people who were ready to be a part of a community, be held accountable and really make permanent health changes!

I created UNLIMITED, and then, at the beginning of this year, held my first 30 Day Pilates Plus Bootcamp.

I loved the interaction and response and, most of all, the amazing results that participants were getting!

I now hold the 30 Day Pilates Plus Bootcamp three times a year for those people who truly want to see what consistent workouts, clean eating and motivation feel like.

It’s pretty awesome :).

My next Bootcamp starts September 1, and it’s the last one of 2017! I won’t hold another until next year, so if you’ve considered joining in the past, now is the perfect time.

limitations with youtube workouts

You’ll get 30 days of workouts sent directly to your inbox in the form of a one month workout calendar. It will tell you exactly what to do each day for best results, and you’ll receive videos that have never been released on YouTube before! (These are special videos I keep only for Bootcamp and UNLIMITED members :).

You’ll also get my 10 Day Clean Eating Guide and access to our private Facebook group. I jump into the group every day during the 30 days to answer questions, check in and be your personal cheerleader :).

If you are an UNLIMITED member already, you’ll get access to the Bootcamp for free. Just another perk to being a member!

So if you are ready to see what 30 days dedicated to YOU feels like, claim your spot in my next Bootcamp and come have some fun!

Hoping to see you there!




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