Momentum Fest 2018 – A Three Day Pilates Event!

momentum fest

I am extremely grateful for the time we live in.

It’s a time where we can connect even when living half a world apart.

I can teach Pilates without stepping a foot into a studio.

I can get to know you through comments and pictures and stories.

I can do what I love – educating and empowering people through movement, encouragement and a healthy lifestyle – while also staying home with my two young kids.

It really is amazing.

But, after 17 years of teaching, I can honestly say nothing compares to the energy and connection that occurs when face to face.

When we can hug, laugh and move together in the same space.

When there are other people around you on their own mats, working through the same hard exercises, walking their own journey, yet sharing in the difficulty and joy of simply moving.

Momentum Fest is the opportunity to do exactly that!

I hope you ALL can join me in Denver, CO, June 22-24, 2018, for this first of a kind event.

Momentum Fest is a Pilates and movement celebration for ANYONE who loves to move, learn, laugh and explore. It will include three days of Pilates based mat classes, music, parties, community and more.

Learn how Momentum Fest came about and what you can expect in the video below. Join me for three days of fun on our mats! Early bird prices end on December 31, 2017, so buy your tickets soon!





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