Mushroom Coffee – Why I Love It

mushroom coffee

Yes I’m talking about mushroom coffee. Just hear me out.

I love coffee. Really and truly love it.

It’s the ritual and the smell and the taste and all of it. I seriously go to bed at night excited about my coffee in the morning.

That being said, I have taken a lot of breaks from drinking coffee over the years.

I took 40 days off for lent years and years ago. I then took a break from coffee for both of my pregnancies.

I also went through three years of infertility where I would have tried anything to get pregnant. My coffee consumption declined significantly.

Throughout all of it I searched high and low for alternatives that would replace my beloved morning cup. I tried every tea imaginable. I tried chicory, tree bark and dandelions. I tried decaf (what’s the point really?). None of it worked for me.

Then, a few months ago, I had my first bout of anxiety. This isn’t like me AT ALL. I was coming off a six month period of extreme stress so I figured it could be that, but I also couldn’t discount the fact that I was feeling more jittery than usual and coffee could be to blame.

I had also been hearing a lot about adaptogens and mushrooms and their powerful stress relieving and anti inflammatory components. They are truly little miracle powerhouses.

So I FINALLY tried mushroom coffee. Yes, mushroom coffee.

No it does not taste like mushrooms. Yes it has caffeine (real caffeine). Yes I love it.

Lessons here:

  • Listen to your body. It was HARD for me to decrease coffee when I never felt a difference. It was much easier when my body clearly told me to find an alternative.

  • Try new things. If you don’t like them (I’m looking at you chicory and dandelions) then stop. Try something new.

I still love real coffee the best and have one 8oz cup a day. But my new alternative makes me pretty happy too.

Watch the video below for my full review of mushroom coffee! I hope it helps some of you with your afternoon fix!


Here are all the links for the mushroom coffee I love and talk about in the video:

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✔️ Individual packets of Balance (one pack for focus, the other one for balancing stress in your body) –

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