My Happy Place


I have to admit something to you.

I’m a better person, mother, wife, teacher and instructor if I workout every day.

I want to be able to go through the day giving to everyone else without doing anything seemingly “selfish”, but I have discovered I get frazzled and stressed without it.  It hit me about 2 weeks after giving birth.  I have LOVED every second of having our daughter, and she has been the best baby.  It wasn’t anything I could put my finger on, but I just felt like I needed quiet.  I needed five minutes where no one could call me or ask me a question.  I wanted five minutes where I wasn’t in charge of anything.  My hubby was home so I just took a quick walk around the block in the sun and it was life changing.  I didn’t take my phone or listen to music.  I walked in the quiet and didn’t think about anything.  I returned home refreshed like I had taken a 30 minute nap!  My smile was easier, my energy was up and I was renewed.

For some people this might be a cat nap.  Maybe you like pedicures or a cup of hot tea.  For me, it’s getting outside and doing something active by myself.  It was so much easier when I finally realized this and accepted it.  There is nothing weak or selfish about needing a few minutes to yourself every day!  I am a better wife because I am happier to give my husband time to himself when I get it too.  I am a better mom because I am teaching my daughter the importance of loving yourself.  She also gets great bonding time with daddy while I’m gone!  I take this time to prevent my own meltdowns and freakouts, which wouldn’t do anyone any good!  It’s my insurance policy against losing my mind sometimes 😀.

Do you have a happy place you can go to once a day?  Whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour, you should take a little time for yourself every day!  Write it into your calendar and tell your spouse or co-worker or partner when it is so they are prepared to have you gone during that time.  Let go of feelings of guilt for doing it!  Don’t look at your phone or take anything that will stress you out.  It’s cliche but it’s true – the only way to keep giving to others is to refill yourself every now and again.  Enjoy!


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