Non-Impact HIIT – Gentle HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

Non-Impact HIIT workout

Non-Impact HIIT workout

This Non-Impact HIIT Workout is perfect for people wanting an intense workout for strength and weight loss while also needing exercises that are gentle on knee and hip joints.

High intensity interval training (also known as HIIT) is a type of workout characterized by short, intense bursts of activity, mixed in with lower intensity rest periods. The workouts are generally shorter than a full cardio session, but because of the “all out” nature of the activity bursts, you can often get a larger calorie burn and energy expenditure than you do during a one hour steady state elliptical session.

I personally discovered HIIT workouts almost five years ago after having my first child. I was desperate for my exercise sessions but limited by my need to stay home. Gone were the days of one hour gym sessions! I needed to basically get the biggest bang for my buck in the 20 minutes I had after putting our daughter down for a nap.

Little did I know that I was actually creating my own version of HIIT workouts!

I had our second baby eight weeks ago and, while I’ve been cleared to exercise, I know I shouldn’t be doing any jumping, planks or running for a while. I want to start getting my heart rate up again, so I created this Non-Impact HIIT Workout in order to burn calories in a more gentle way!

Most of my HIIT workouts include jump squats, jumping jacks, skaters, burpees and other forms of plyometric moves. While these are great for the cardiovascular aspect, they can be tough for people with knee and hip issues or women who recently gave birth like me.

This Non-Impact HIIT Workout is a Gentle HIIT Workout that gives the intensity of HIIT without the impact on your joints and body!

I’m sharing my ten minute version with you here for you to try at home! If you want to try the full length version and also see how I incorporate HIIT into my monthly workout routine, join my next 30 Day Pilates Plus Online Bootcamp starting January 1, 2018!

Enjoy this ten minute Non-Impact HIIT Workout!




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