How To Do the Perfect Pilates Mat Rollover

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In any exercise and fitness modality, there are certain exercises that can be more challenging than others.  They either take more flexibility, more body awareness, more muscle strength or more of all of these!  They aren’t always the most advanced poses or exercises – they simply are the ones that cause us to dig a little deeper and work a little harder to achieve.

As an instructor, it’s easy to avoid teaching these exercises because of personal difficulty performing them (we don’t like to teach things that are hard for us to do!) or because we feel students don’t like difficult exercises.  I’ve discovered over my years of teaching that both of these are horrible excuses!  We actually need to teach and do the exercises that are difficult for us so that our body changes and we see results.  Also, as a student, I love being challenged to do the more advanced exercises!  I just want to be given strategies and ways to make the exercise accessible and doable.  That’s what this post and video is all about!

The Pilates Rollover is a fabulous exercise that encourages lower and upper abdominal control and segmental spine mobility.  Basically, it feels really good and can be somewhat challenging :).  I have created a video talking you through the pieces of the Rollover and some tips and tricks to help you achieve the exercise.  You may even want to watch it the first time through so that you can see and hear all the instructions, and then do it with me the second time through.  If this is a hard exercise for you, be patient!  Take your time and it will improve with practice. Also, please avoid this exercise if you have any neck injuries or osteoporosis.

I don’t want anyone to be hesitant to take classes because of certain exercises that might be taught!  You should always be empowered to know your boundaries, but also try new things.  You might surprise yourself!  As always, check with a doctor before starting a new fitness program.  Have fun!

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2 thoughts on “How To Do the Perfect Pilates Mat Rollover”

  1. Hi Jess, Merry Christmas! I wanted to let you know I have been doing a lot of your at home videos and I LOVE them. My husband gets up super early for work,it is to early for me to run because it is so dark and cold so I go through a few of your classes and then head out on my run. I have shared them with lots of people here and they love them also. Cold, snowy weather makes me do more indoor workouts and I am so glad I get to them with you. I will be back in Kailua for Christmas December 2015. We are all set for a month on the beach. So I hope to get lots of reformer classes in. I hope you will be around. We may end up in SD after this but that is still 2 years away. Thanks again for keeping me strong and smiling. Have an amazing Christmas season. Sue

    • Hi Sue and Merry Christmas to you! I’m so glad you are doing the videos, but sorry you are in the Chicago cold :). We miss Hawaii of course, but are really enjoying San Diego! You’ll definitely have to look us up if you end up out here, and Hawaii is always a good meeting spot! We’ll make Monica meet us as well. Happy Holidays! Jess


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