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As some of you know, I am a regular user of protein powders. My go to has always been Usana Nutrimeal (I use their Free variety), but I’ve experimented with whey, soy, hemp, raw, pea and egg white protein powder options. I return to Usana simply for the taste, but I’ve always wanted another option for variety. I lean towards vegetarian/vegan eating and minimally processed foods, so when Vega gave me the opportunity to review one of their protein powders, I jumped at the chance.

I have been familiar with the Vega brand for a while.  Brendan Brazier was an endurance athlete on the professional Ironman circuit, who also happened to be vegan.  He was told and over and over again that a plant based diet wouldn’t support an endurance athlete. Brendan proved them wrong by creating a diet that helped him recover faster and train harder, while also being plant-based.  He then started Vega and created their all-in-one vegan nutritional shake for other athletes wanting to eat plant-based diets.  Vega also has a commitment to sustainability and leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible in this world.  Pretty cool!

While I’ve tried their shakes and snack bars in the past, this time I was able to try their Performance Protein from the new Vega Sport line.   It’s a complete plant-based protein powder blend, with the additional benefits of helping repair and build muscles and reducing recovery time between training.  In one scoop/serving, there is 134 calories and 25 grams of protein!  That powder packs a big punch.  Just keep in mind this is their Vega Sport line, so it’s specifically designed for athletes and hard core fitness enthusiasts.  If you don’t fit into this category, you may want to try one of their regular Vega options with different calorie and protein profiles.

I used the powder three ways: straight up in water, in protein pancakes and in energy bites.  I tried the vanilla powder, and it tasted like a typical vanilla protein powder.  It was definitely not too sweet, which I appreciated!  I drank it in water after returning from a run with the stroller and it was really easy to drink.  Basically, it did its job of refueling me after a sweaty run and I felt good about where the ingredients came from!  It also comes in individual packets, which is really convenient.

My preferred use for protein powder is actually in food form…it’s just more fun for me 🙂  I loved it in both the protein pancakes and the energy bites.  It has a great texture and taste. It’s not overpowering but gives a nice background vanilla flavor. It is not chalky at all nor bitter like some powders can be.

Overall, I think the Performance Protein by Vega Sport is a great option for those athletes looking for an easy way to improve their recovery after an intense workout. It tastes good, has a great nutritional profile, and comes from a company you will feel good about.

Thank you to Vega for the opportunity to review their product. While I was given the product free for review, all opinions are my own.

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