Prolapse Exercises – Safe Workout for Prolapse

prolapse exercises

How much do you know about prolapse and prolapse exercises?

If you are like me, not very much.

I was diagnosed with a bladder prolapse after having my first baby in 2013.

I had a 43 hour labor and 36 of those hours were unmedicated. I then pushed for four hours (oof) and my OBGYN finally used a vacuum to help our beautiful daughter enter the world.

I had no idea what a prolapsed bladder was until I saw something extremely unusual when checking my stitches a few weeks after giving birth.

Six years later and I have now been diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder, uterus and cervix. I was able to experience a second healthy pregnancy and delivery and I’ve continued to live a healthy and extremely active lifestyle.

That being said, there are many lifestyle changes I’ve made to accommodate for my bladder prolapse symptoms and pain.

Being a physical therapist and Pilates teacher, I’ve done my own research to find the best exercise protocols for prolapse. I’ve seen women’s health physical therapists for internal pelvic floor physical therapy and I’ve consulted with a urogynecologist for surgical options.

I feel that arming myself with information is one of the best ways I’ve empowered myself to live a happy and healthy life with prolapse.

That’s why I’m bringing this Prolapse Exercises workout to you today!

I understand firsthand the lack of information available for women wanting to workout with a prolapse. It can be extremely confusing and frustrating to know what safe prolapse exercises you can do and what to avoid.

This Prolapse Workout will help you learn a little more about your prolapse and give you an exercise routine you know if safe for your prolapse!

If you’d like to dive deeper into your own diagnosis and discuss options for what you can do at home to help, I do video consults and would love to set one up with you. I can share my own story and give you physical therapy advice for what to do to feel strong and confident again.

I hope this workout is a good first step for you!


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