Pumpkin Protein Pancakes


Say that 5 times fast!  Pumpkin Protein Pancakes, Pumpkin Protein Pancakes…

I had an extra can of pumpkin in the pantry after Thanksgiving, and all the pumpkin-themed recipes out there inspired me to do something with it!  I didn’t want any more sugary treats or pies around, so I had to be creative in ways to use it and keep it healthy.   Pumpkin itself is full of awesome vitamins and minerals, and I wanted to take advantage of those before the official pumpkin season ended.  It ended up being the perfect add in to Jessica’s Protein Pancakes!


I have played around a little with the original protein pancake recipe lately, depending on items I have in the house.  The recipe lends itself to creativity, and I try to be creative in the kitchen simply to use up things I have lying around.  I used coconut flour instead of the gluten free flour for the pumpkin cakes and it was delicious, but you can easily use any flour you have around (or almond meal works great).  Using coconut flour or almond meal will keep it paleo if you are going that route.  I made a bigger batch to freeze and use up the pumpkin, but the ratios stayed the same from the original recipe.  If you just make one pancake, use 2 Tablespoons of pumpkin.  They will keep you full until lunch!  I’ve been serving them with a little yogurt, homemade cranberry sauce and agave syrup, but almond butter and bananas are amazing too.  The nutritional facts are over on the original protein pancake page.  I usually have one, and by the time I add my extras on top I get to about 250-300 calories.  Along with the 15 grams of protein, I’m a happy little camper!  Enjoy!

Jessica’s Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

Makes 4 pancakes – serving size is 1-2 cakes

8 Tablespoons egg white protein powder (or 4 egg whites) – I use NOW Foods Eggwhite Protein Powder

4 Tablespoons vanilla protein powder (I use Usana Nutrimeal Free)

4 Tablespoons coconut flour (sub your flour of choice or almond meal)

1/2 cup pumpkin (either canned or fresh)

dash of cinnamon and salt

enough water for it to come together like a pancake batter

Use a non-stick spray in your pan and cook 90 seconds on each side.   Then eat!



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