Come January 1, many people feel a need to “restart” and jumpstart our lives!  It might be the body, the spirit or just the home office,Green-Juice but most of us feel a need to clean up and clean out starting with the New Year.  If you find yourself feeling tired, sluggish and unmotived, a food cleanse can be a great place to start.  So many people ask me about cleanses, and there are so many out there to chose from, I thought we would do a “cleanse roundup” to get ready for the new year!

What is a cleanse?

A cleanse is typically a food program that lasts anywhere from 5-30 days and is meant to detoxify your body and put your system into a healthy state.

What should I look for in a cleanse?

1) Do I eat during the cleanse?  If any cleanse tells you to stop eating all together, don’t do it!

2) Who created the cleanse?  Is it created by doctors and scientists, or was it forwarded to you by a gossip magazine?

3) Can I maintain it in my busy life?  If you have to weigh every food you eat on a scale, you might not stick to it.

4) Does it taste good?  You might be able to drink maple syrup mixed with cayenne and lemon for one day, but really, do you want to?

5) Is it something I can continue after the “cleansing” portion is over?  This is VERY important!  The grapefruit diet might work for 3 days, but are you going to keep eating only grapefruit forever?  If not, then the weight will come back.  The cleanse needs to be the beginning of lifestyle changes to help you feel and look better for life!

6) Can I maintain my workouts or activity level during the cleanse?  I can’t afford to lose any energy during the day, and I’m sure you can’t either 🙂  If a cleanse consists of not eating or only liquid, you might find yourself laying on the couch all day because your body isn’t getting enough fuel.

I love the idea of a cleanse – of pushing that restart button and cleaning out the body.  When done correctly, it can decrease our cravings, increase our energy, and help teach us how to eat correctly moving forward.  There are just so many out there right now that it’s hard to wade through the bad to get to the good.  If you don’t chose the right one, no permanent changes will be made and the weight and bad eating habits will creep right back in.  The cleanse I recommend for people looking to try one is Usana’s RESET 5 Day Cleanse.

The RESET lasts for 5 days – short enough you see the end in site, long enough to see changes.  During the RESET, each day consists of three high-protein meal replacement shakes, two high protein snack replacements, one piece of fruit, unlimited raw veggies and Usana’s high quality vitamins.  The RESET kit itself includes 5 days worth of shakes, bars and vitamins and an instructional DVD.

IMG_2156While I like the idea of cleansing with only juice or raw veggies and fruits, that just isn’t realistic for my body and activity level.  I need protein and low-glycemic, complex carbohydrates for my body and brain to function all day :).  The RESET is the best of both worlds – I get to eat raw veggies, fruit and water all day (no coffee or alcohol during the cleanse :), while getting my all-natural protein shakes and snacks as well.  Then when the RESET is over, I simply add healthy meals in place of two of the shakes, and continue to use the protein powder for one of my meals each day.

Don’t be afraid to try something new!  Just make sure it feels right to you and makes sense with your lifestyle.  Please comment below with any questions or advice on starting the RESET or any other cleanse!

For the 5 Day of Holiday Savings – today’s promotional code is resetcleanse3.  Click here to purchase from our online store and save $30 on the RESET kit!  Deal lasts until midnight on Wednesday, December 11 🙂  What better way to start the New Year??

Note: While I do have a relationship with Usana Health Sciences due to my belief in the products, all opinions expressed here are my own.  Thank you for your support 🙂

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