Black Friday Sale on Select Workout Programs!


It’s a week of firsts!

On Monday I released my first ever gift guide and now I’m offering my very first Black Friday sale!

If you purchase between now and Monday you will get 20% off select Jessica Valant Pilates workouts. You will get immediate access and can do these routines anywhere at anytime! These are the programs that are eligible for the discount:

Four Week Pilates Jumpstart

Prenatal Pilates Workout Series

IVF Workout Program

Endometriosis Workout

Scoliosis Workout

👉🏼 Use code grateful20 and get 20% off at checkout.

I hope this discount gives you the motivation and encouragement you need to take the next step on your fitness journey! The sale ends Monday at midnight EST.

I’m grateful for you and the chance to connect with you on a weekly basis.  You are strong, you are special and you are important. Thank you for being here!

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