Hip Stretches – A Home Workout For Tight Hips

hip stretches

I remember doing hip stretches in grade school as a part of the Presidential Fitness Test. I always felt embarrassed when I couldn’t reach much past my toes. I used to watch gorgeous ballerinas, gymnasts and cheerleaders do the most amazing movements, all of which needed incredible flexibility. The most “liked” yoga poses on Instagram involve […]

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Pilates Barre Inner Thigh Burner!

Happy Friday!  What says TGIF more than a little Pilates Barre Burner routine? 🙂  This is a quick (six minute) routine that focuses specifically on the hip adductors – also known as those troublesome inner thighs.  Most people want their inner thighs to look good, but did you also know that the hip adductor muscles play […]

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