Exercise for Bloating and Digestion


Exercises for Bloating and Digestion – Short Routine for Home

Exercises for Bloating and Digestion I honestly never thought about digestion when I was younger. I ate what I wanted and let my body take care …


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Make a Change In The World through Exercise

While I love to exercise and believe fully in the positive power of movement, I have never been a “natural” runner. I played soccer for 16 …


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Sciatica and An Exercise Routine for Sciatic Nerve Pain

I recently received this email from a reader: “I have been doing your video for low back pain and it has really been helping! I would …

Pilates Happy Hour Detox Routine

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How to Detox and a Detox Pilates Workout Video

It seems everyone is talking about how to detox and how to cleanse the body lately.  From body wraps to juice drinks, you can find tools everywhere …

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The Perfect Warm-Up For Any Activity!

The dreaded “warm-up”.  It’s the part we all want to skip in a workout.  I know people sometimes sneak in five minutes late to a fitness …

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Pilates Barre Inner Thigh Burner!

Happy Friday!  What says TGIF more than a little Pilates Barre Burner routine? 🙂  This is a quick (six minute) routine that focuses specifically on the …