The One Thing You Have to Do Before Setting Goals For the New Year

I am that person who loves to get a new planner for the beginning of the year. I can spend hours looking at every kind of day timer, trying …

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Trim your waistline with this quick home Pilates workout!

  We have all been there. That moment you pull and tug and finally get that pair of jeans to button and zip. You start to …

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The Best Exercise Music Playlist and Workout

A few years ago I had just finished seeing a long day of patients at Harmony Pilates & Physical Therapy, and I was spent.  I had …


Pilates Barre – What’s this “barre” thing all about anyway?

If you are a participant at all in the fitness world, you probably know about the current “barre” phenomenon.  I personally took my first barre class in …


Fitness clothing review!

Hi everyone!  When I was thinking of all the things I loved about this week, most had to do with clothes!  So I just decided today …