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My Recommended Home Workout Schedule

We have all been forced to find some kind of new routine in the past eight weeks, including for our home workout schedule. This includes our …

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Why Your Exercise Routine Isn’t Working

Is there anything more frustrating than spending time and money on your exercise routine and still not getting the results you want? You buy class packages, …



The Key To True Life Balance

Balance. It’s something the world tells us we should strive for. It’s also something that causes large amounts of stress, guilt, anxiety and general confusion for …

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How to Meditate When You Don’t Have Time or Don’t Want To

Prayer has always been a really big part of my life. I didn’t grow up going to church or having anyone tell me about prayer. I …

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Arm and Upper Back Workout for Women

I know our abs and our buns seem to get all the attention when we are trying to strength train and tone. I do core work …

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How To Do the Perfect Pilates Mat Rollover

Hi everyone! In any exercise and fitness modality, there are certain exercises that can be more challenging than others.  They either take more flexibility, more body …

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The Perfect Warm-Up For Any Activity!

The dreaded “warm-up”.  It’s the part we all want to skip in a workout.  I know people sometimes sneak in five minutes late to a fitness …