5 Minute Upper Back Workout for Home!

upper back workout

While I often hear from people that they would like exercises for their lower back, it’s not as common to have clients request an upper back workout. It’s an area that is easily ignored when it’s actually one of the most important muscle groups for decreasing pain and improving posture! You probably don’t even know […]

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How To Do Crunches

how to do crunches

You¬†probably know how to do crunches, but do you know how to do them without pain? That’s an entirely different subject. People generally have a love/hate relationship with crunches. They either love them or hate them. There really is no in between. As a physical therapist and fitness instructor, I appreciate the purpose of a […]

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The Best Inner Thigh Exercises

inner thigh

  I’m kind of obsessed with giving my clients inner thigh exercises. When the inner thigh muscles are worked correctly, they not only give a beautiful look to legs, they help support and stabilize the pelvis, low back and knees. I feel like inner thigh exercises are the missing piece for many people looking for […]

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