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How to Strengthen and Tone Your Legs

I love Pilates and I teach Pilates, but Pilates isn’t the only kind of exercise I do.  I walk, hike, and lift weights.  I take yoga, …

Pilates Happy Hour Detox Routine

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How to Detox and a Detox Pilates Workout Video

It seems everyone is talking about how to detox and how to cleanse the body lately.  From body wraps to juice drinks, you can find tools everywhere …

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How To Do the Perfect Pilates Mat Rollover

Hi everyone! In any exercise and fitness modality, there are certain exercises that can be more challenging than others.  They either take more flexibility, more body …

Barre Workout At Home

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How to Workout With Weights – A Workout Video Included!

One of the most common questions I get asked is “What do you do for exercise and to workout?”  When I give a quick explanation of …

Jessica Valant


Meet Jessica Valant – Pilates and Physical Therapy Professional

I’m Jessica. I’m a physical therapist and a Pilates teacher. I am a wife, a business owner and a mom. I am an endometriosis and infertility …