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Online Pilates Workouts, Physical Therapy & Resources

  Here at Jessica Valant Pilates I know we are living in a unique time. It can feel confusing, stressful and scary. While I can’t be …

Easy Foot Exercises


Easy Foot Exercises – a 10 Minute Exercise Video!

Look down at your feet right now. Yes, I mean it :). I’ll wait. Ok, did you look? Now say “Thank you feet for doing such …

HIIT workout


20 Minute Home Workout for Strength

While I love home workouts now, that wasn’t always the case. I didn’t have space, I didn’t know what to do and I DEFINITELY didn’t have …

Non-Impact HIIT workout


Non-Impact HIIT – Gentle HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

This Non-Impact HIIT Workout is perfect for people wanting an intense workout for strength and weight loss while also needing exercises that are gentle on knee …

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The Limitations with YouTube Workouts

When I moved from Hawaii three years ago, I left many Pilates and physical therapy clients who had become like family over the years. I had people …

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My Favorite Prenatal Vitamins

I talk a lot about nutrition here at Jessica Valant Pilates, and you all know how important I feel good vitamins are to improving our overall …


A Day in the Life Of…

I’ve never written a detailed “Day in the Life Of” post. To be honest, it’s always felt a little self-indulgent to me. My days can be …

Exercise During IVF

Endometriosis & Fertility, Workouts

Exercise During IVF – What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

Exercise During IVF Part of what keeps me sane is movement. Sometimes this involves an advanced Pilates class. Sometimes it’s a stroll around my neighborhood. It …

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Why I Don’t Go To The Gym

Do you know how often I go to the gym? Maybe once a week. Do you know why I don’t go to the gym? TIME. It’s …

start ivf

Endometriosis & Fertility

How I Decided To Start IVF

I won’t be sharing everything on this blog, as I want it to remain a place about workouts and healthy living. To make sure you don’t …