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upper back workout


5 Minute Upper Back Workout for Home!

While I often hear from people that they would like exercises for their lower back, it’s not as common to have clients request an upper back …

Prevent Injury

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Two Easy Ways to Prevent Injury with Exercise

How To Prevent Injury in Two Steps I recently did a great interview with Gina of The Healthy in Real Life Podcast. We discussed when surgery is …

pilates bridge

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Why You Should Be Doing The Pilates Bridge Exercise

  If you’ve done any of my workout videos (hopefully you have!), you most likely have done a Pilates bridge exercise. Or many of them. I …

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Physical Therapy Exercises for Low Back or Neck Pain

I give a lot of homework to my patients.  While seeing me in the clinic is hugely important to a person’s outcome, it’s what that person …