My Favorite 10 Minute Outer Thigh Workout

outer thigh workout

This 10 Minute Outer Thigh Workout serves not only to tone a trouble area for many of us, it also strengthens the hip abductors. While that may not sound exciting, it should be! The hip abductors are extremely important when it comes to stabilizing the pelvis, contributing to proper knee alignment and allowing us to […]

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The Pilates Certification Handbook

I love talking to people about getting a Pilates certification and becoming a Pilates instructor. It is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and my career, and I would encourage anyone to follow their passion if it is leading them in this direction. That being said, the road to getting a […]

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Worth the Wait

I’ve talked a lot about lessons in waiting, patience, holding tight to your dreams and accepting the unknown over the past year. Some of this has surrounded my journey with fertility over the past two years, and some of it has had to do with a subject I haven’t talked about. Selling my physical therapy […]

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A Classical Pilates Home Workout

classical pialtes

I have been a Pilates instructor for over 15 years, and it’s only in the past 5 years that I’ve really come to appreciate and love what is known as the Classical Pilates Method. If you have done classical Pilates in the past, or you try these workouts and think “Uh…what was that???”, I completely […]

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The Best Inner Thigh Exercises

inner thigh

  I’m kind of obsessed with giving my clients inner thigh exercises. When the inner thigh muscles are worked correctly, they not only give a beautiful look to legs, they help support and stabilize the pelvis, low back and knees. I feel like inner thigh exercises are the missing piece for many people looking for […]

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