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How to Become a Pilates Teacher

I love talking to people about getting a Pilates certification and how to become a Pilates teacher. It is one of the best things I’ve ever …



Why I Chose to Love The Hard Way

Valentine’s Day is today, and I thought about doing a recipe round-up of great chocolate dessert ideas. But it just didn’t seem that important to me right …

tricep workout


Tricep Workout at Home – Only 5 Minutes!

We all want to work the back of our upper arms. You know that part that can sometimes wobble a little when we wave? Yeah, those. …

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A Free Pilates Online Mat Class – Based on Love

A few weeks ago I was scrolling Instagram and came across my good Pilates teacher friend, Anula Maiberg, teaching a beautiful and strong move on the …


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Make a Change In The World through Exercise

While I love to exercise and believe fully in the positive power of movement, I have never been a “natural” runner. I played soccer for 16 …

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How To Do Crunches

You probably know how to do crunches, but do you know how to do them without pain? That’s an entirely different subject. People generally have a love/hate …

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The Ultimate Home Workout Schedule

We live in an amazing time that offers hundreds of different workout possibilities. Zumba. Crossfit. Barre. Pilates. Yoga. Piyo. Spinning. BodyPump. BodySculpt. Jazzercise. Biking. Running. Hiking. …

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Why I Love Home Workouts

I remember the first few times I ventured into a gym. I started on the treadmill because it seemed safe and I could scope everything out. …

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Working Out While Sick – Good or Bad?

Working out while sick…good or bad decision? I have been back and forth on this question for most of my adult life. Should I be working …



How Pilates and My Mat Helped Save Me

  I received a voicemail last week that contained something new for me. “I did some research into Pilates and heard about something called the mind-body …