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Peloton alternative


Peloton Alternative – Why I Didn’t Buy a Peloton Bike and What I Got Instead!

The Peloton bike is all the rage right now for indoor cycling, but there is a Peloton alternative I love and use at my own house! …

10 Minute Ab Workout


10 Minute Ab Workout – Pilates Abs at Home!

Are you ready for a 10 Minute Ab Workout that doesn’t make you do one hundred crunches? As a physical therapist I hear from many clients …

benefits of pilates


The Benefits of Pilates and How to Start!

When my clients finally learn about the benefits of Pilates and walk in the door or find me on their computer screen, at least half say …

workout schedule


My Recommended Home Workout Schedule

We have all been forced to find some kind of new routine in the past eight weeks, including for our home workout schedule. This includes our …

online pilates workouts


Online Pilates Workouts, Physical Therapy & Resources

  Here at Jessica Valant Pilates I know we are living in a unique time. It can feel confusing, stressful and scary. While I can’t be …

advanced pilates workout


15 Minute Advanced Pilates Workout

This 15 Minute Advanced Pilates Workout will have you feeling the total body burn without leaving your mat! I’m a physical therapist and Pilates teacher, which …

free pilates workouts


Pilates Camp – Free Pilates Workouts Starting January 1st!

What better way to start the year than with free Pilates workouts you can do anywhere?! We held our first Pilates Camp with one week of …


Black Friday Sale on Select Workout Programs!

  It’s a week of firsts! On Monday I released my first ever gift guide and now I’m offering my very first Black Friday sale! If you …

Inspiration, Kids

Crying My Eyes Out and Letting Go of Expectations

  I nursed my last babe for the last time this weekend. And proceeded to bawl my eyes out. (Whether you are man or woman, kid …

Fitness, Pilates

Five Pilates Myths – BUSTED!

I’m so excited for our next 30 Day Pilates Beginners Bootcamp that starts May 1, 2019! To celebrate I am busting five common Pilates myths to …