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10 Minute Home Lunge Workout

You need to add this Lunge Workout to your home routine ASAP! If you are saying to yourself “Ugh! Lunges!” – you are not alone. I …

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What Your Pregnancy Workout Should Avoid

I gave birth to our daughter almost 5 years ago. During that pregnancy I had been a physical therapist and Pilates instructor for 12 years and …

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How to Exercise After Pregnancy and Why Planks are Bad

After giving birth, most women want to know when and how they can return to exercise after pregnancy. It’s an anxious and exciting time, as women who have …

prenatal Pilates

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New Moms – What I Wish I Would Have Known

  Nothing can prepare you for how miraculous and wonderful (and sometimes confusing and exhausting) being a parent really is. Everyone finds their own way as they …

prenatal Pilates


Postpartum Exercise – How to Workout After Baby

Having a baby is one of the most amazing and awe-inspiring things a woman’s body can do. We go through 40 weeks of pregnancy, and then …

Jessica Valant


Meet Jessica Valant – Pilates and Physical Therapy Professional

I’m Jessica. I’m a physical therapist and a Pilates teacher. I am a wife, a business owner and a mom. I am an endometriosis and infertility …