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Posture Exercises – Easy Pilates Posture Correction Exercises for Home

Posture Exercises We all know we should stand up straight. There are actually so many other pieces involved in good posture other than simply standing up …



The Benefits of Pilates and Why It Works For Me

My first experience with Pilates was in 2001. I had just graduated from PT school and was working in an outpatient orthopedic clinic in Denver. They …

pilates bridge

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Why You Should Be Doing The Pilates Bridge Exercise

  If you’ve done any of my workout videos (hopefully you have!), you most likely have done a Pilates bridge exercise. Or many of them. I …

Cory Vines Pilates Happy Hour

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Scoliosis Exercises and 3 Workouts for Lower Back Pain

I have to start with this dream I had last night. I was in a ballroom teaching a Pilates mat class of about 100 people. There …