What I’ve Learned Having a Two Year Old

And just like that, she’s three years old. My baby no longer holds a baby’s place in the world. She can run, skip, jump, somersault, tumble, bike ride and kick a soccer ball. She uses the big girl potty and big girl swing and wears big girl panties. She can speak her mind, declare her […]

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How I Stop Comparing


My day is broken into five major parts: Part 1: wake up with hubby and daughter, make breakfast, mommy duties Part 2: get as much work as possible done during 3 hour baby nap Part 3: post-nap snack, play, dinner, bath, stories, bedtime routine Part 4: fall onto couch with husband Part 5: sleep Let me […]

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Advice for a Toddler Mom

I am officially the mom of a two year old. I no longer have an infant or baby in the house. I have a beautiful, smart, stubborn, engaged, talkative, opinionated, joyful little person to share my days with. I remember writing my advice for first time moms after my daughter turned one. There was so […]

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