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Why I Take Usana Vitamins – A Love Story

This is a repost of an article I wrote in 2013.  Usana vitamins were featured on Dr. Oz on January 22, 2015, and I was so excited …

Jessica Valant Anti Aging Tips


Anti-Aging Techniques – My Easy and Affordable Tips

I’ve actually never liked the term “anti-aging”.  I can’t say why exactly, except that it gives me visions of surgical procedures and commercials with fake looking …

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The Healthy Pregnancy Series – Post Partum Care and Health (Being Healthy After You Give Birth!)

Congratulations, mamas!  You made it!  Nine long months of pregnancy, the chaos of labor and delivery, and the exciting moment when you return home with your …


Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

Say that 5 times fast!  Pumpkin Protein Pancakes, Pumpkin Protein Pancakes… I had an extra can of pumpkin in the pantry after Thanksgiving, and all the …


Exploring Gluten

Do you feel lately like gluten may be the source of all that is wrong in our world?  I can’t turn my head without reading about …

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Endometriosis & Fertility, Nutrition

Why I Take Usana Vitamins and How It Has Helped My Endometriosis

Why I Take Usana Vitamins and Why I Love Them   Other than an occasional Vitamin C powder drink, I didn’t used to think much of …