The Happy Body Detox


Do you feel tired? Uninspired? Bored? Bloated?

Do you need a jumpstart to help get you back on track with your health?

The 2 Week Happy Body Detox Bootcamp is for you!

When you purchase this plan, you will immediately receive a PDF guide taking you through fitness, food and inspirational tips for 14 days.

You will receive 24 different workout videos with this amazing plan! This Body Detox Bootcamp tells you exactly what workouts to do on what days. The workouts include a variety of toning, cardio, Pilates, abdominals, yoga, high intensity interval training and stretching. It’s the perfect combination to challenge your body and burn calories.

For the food portion, you will receive various recipes, nutritional advice and food tips throughout the 14 days. These are meant to help rid your body of toxins it has built up, and change your cravings and habits over time.

Finally, each day you will receive a different affirmation or positive thought. True health involves fitness, food and a positive mindset, so we will make sure we address all three!

In addition to all of this, you will receive two amazing bonuses when you purchase the 2 Week Body Detox Bootcamp. The first is my very own Superfood Shopping List. This is the grocery list I use every week to stock my kitchen with the best and healthiest ingredients.

You will also receive a sample 3 day meal plan. This will give you an idea of what 3 full days of healthy and detoxifying eating looks like. Because I’m a busy mom and like things that taste good, these foods will also be easy to prepare and delicious!

In addition to these amazing bonuses, if you purchase the detox plan before November 1, you will receive 3 additional bonuses! These include an additional workout that you can easily do anywhere in only 15 minutes, a 14 day food journal and an invitation to a private Facebook group that will start on November 1. The Facebook group is invaluable as we can all go through the detox plan together and help support each other! I’ll be in the group daily for 14 days answering questions and helping you succeed.

I’ve been a physical therapist and fitness instructor for over 15 years, and I have put this detox plan together to help anyone out there who feels they just need a little motivation to get on the path to looking and feeling their best.

Make your body, and mind, as happy as possible!

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