Three Toddler Snacks – With Hidden Vegetables!

toddler snacks banana bread

It can be hard to feed a toddler.

toddler snacks

I shouldn’t say that, actually.  It’s easy to feed a toddler if you only want to give them crackers, oranges and pizza.

If you want to feed them nutrient-dense and healthy foods that they will actually eat, it can be somewhat tricky and an exercise in patience.  I am always on the lookout for toddler snacks that will give my little one energy, vitamins and minerals, and avoid the sugar high and subsequent crash.  If I can sneak veggies in, it’s even better.

Here are my three favorite recipes for toddler snacks.  I rotate them throughout the month, usually making a batch of one on Sunday to freeze for the week.  I love how they are all slightly different (one is vegan, one is grain-free), so they will challenge your toddler’s palette and let them taste different things.  I also love that they are sugar free, easy to make, freeze well, use ingredients I usually have on hand, and are all adult-approved!  Yippee for freshly baked muffins!

Spinach Pancakes

I go through these faster than you can say “Wow, those pancakes are really green”.  My daughter goes crazy for them, and I love knowing there is a full cup of raw spinach in the recipe.  It’s hard to get enough greens into our little ones, so starting the day with iron and nutrient packed spinach makes me one happy mama.  You can substitute any flour you prefer, but I really like the combination of whole wheat and oat flours (not to mention I usually have both on hand, which makes life much easier).

toddler snacks spinach pancakes

Banana Bread 

This recipe just amazes me every time I make it!  First off, I love that there is no sugar added, yet the bread is amazingly sweet from the bananas alone.  Also, the secret ingredient is – wait for it – beets!!  Yes – beets!  You will NEVER know this bread has beets except for the bright pink dough.  The beets basically replace any oil in the recipe, and work to create moisture (along with mucho extra nutrients).  Don’t be afraid of this one!  You can buy cooked, peeled and sliced beets in the freezer section of most grocers.  Just thaw and blend and you are ready to go.

toddler snacks banana bread

Zucchini Muffins

These aren’t just any old zucchini muffins.  These muffins have no grains, no gluten and no flour.  Yes, I’m serious!  It’s some magic of the cooking gods that make these work, and I’m so thankful they do.  I have no problem feeding my little one wheat here and there, but it’s way too easy to rely solely on wheat based bread, muffins, pancakes, waffles, crackers, pasta and baked goods to keep our kids happy. Anytime I can use different flours or grains (such as oat, quinoa or amaranth) – or no grain at all – I try it out to have another option to give my daughter.  These are the perfect toddler snacks for between meals to keep the hunger monster at bay.  Hint – add some chocolate chips to half the batch and the adults will be happy, as well!

toddler snacks zucchini muffins

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toddler snacks spinach pancakes

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  1. Very creative and inspirational ideas Jess! I LOVE the concept of bright pink banana bread thanks to the addition of beets! I always struggle to figure out how to add those tricky beets to my kids diet.

  2. Hi Jessica, I just made the zucchini muffins and they are amazing – thanks for sharing all of these great recipes!


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