Tricep Workout at Home – Only 5 Minutes!

tricep workout

tricep workout

We all want to work the back of our upper arms.

You know that part that can sometimes wobble a little when we wave?

Yeah, those.

Those are your triceps, and they are beautiful and wonderful muscles! They help stabilize your shoulder joint and prevent rotator cuff problems and shoulder instability.

And, as women especially, they tend to be weak.

Women just don’t tend to work our arms as much as our male counterparts. We like to focus on the booty, which is totally fine.

Except we can’t forget about our arms!

When I finally started focusing on arm and upper back strength years ago, my headaches decreased significantly and that nagging shoulder pain I couldn’t shake finally went away.

Funny what can happen when we just motivate a little :).

I put together this 5 Minute Tricep Workout for Home for anyone who wants to do a little more toning and strengthening for those beautiful arms of theirs.

You don’t need any equipment at all. Just you, some floor space and five minutes!

You’ll feel the burn, I promise :).

While I have many tricep moves I love with weights, I specifically wanted to create something for those of you who don’t have weights available. It’s perfect for after a cardio session, in a hotel room when traveling or before grabbing the baby who just woke up!

As always, stop if you have pain and check with a doctor before starting something new. If you have carpal tunnel symptoms or wrist pain, you may want to skip this workout and instead focus on another one of my arm workouts on YouTube.

I hope you love it!

tricep workout


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