Trim your waistline with this quick home Pilates workout!

pilates workout

pilates workout


We have all been there. That moment you pull and tug and finally get that pair of jeans to button and zip. You start to celebrate and then stop as you notice the little extra somethin’ somethin’ hanging over the waistline.

The jeans go back on the shelf.

I know from experience how disheartening this can be! You feel like you’ve worked hard and exercised and yet you just can’t quite trim that pesky waistline.

This home Pilates workout is for you!

I want to give you a disclaimer right off the bat and say this workout will not work if it’s the only thing you are doing. This goes for targeting any muscle group or body part.

You can’t sit at your computer all day, do five quick minutes of ab work followed by a bag of chips and expect a change to occur.

Bummer, I know.

You need to have a consistent exercise and strength training routine to keep your body healthy and keep your muscles burning calories and fat throughout the day. (How to workout when you feel too busy to workout!)

You also have to take a good, honest look at your diet. What you eat has as much, if not more, of an impact on your waistline and belly area as how much you exercise! Eating too much sugar, fat, processed foods and bread products can lead to bloating and a collection of fat specifically around your midline.

Whenever I start to gain a little around the middle, I can link it directly to my diet over the past month. For me the culprits are usually increased wine and sugar in the evening and decreased water consumption.

So now that you are motivated to be consistent with your workouts and throw away those cookies hiding in your desk drawer, we can discuss this great home Pilates workout for your waistline!

This routine is less than 10 minutes long and only requires a little space on your floor. It specifically targets your oblique muscles, which wrap around from the front of your belly to your back. When they tighten, they form a corset type affect around your middle. When added to your abdominal routine, hip strengthening and cardiovascular activities, exercises for the obliques can lead to a tighter and more toned waistline!

Strong oblique muscles are also very important for back health and strength and can help prevent low back injuries over time.

So now you have no excuse NOT to try out this routine!

Set aside ten minutes, grab a spot on your floor and say good-bye to your love handles and hello to your sexy and strengthened obliques!

Check with your doctor before making any fitness changes and stop if you feel pain.



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  1. Happy Day to you Jessica,
    As an active Senior with Osteoporosis and “love handles” – can you teach me some exercises to let the world(?) know = I do have a waist.
    Your Fan Cindy


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