This is not your typical online fitness program.

I have been a physical therapist and movement educator for almost 25 years. I have also been through the process of getting to know my body again after various diagnoses and seasons of life, including endometriosis, prolapse, pregnancy, hysterectomy and breast cancer.

You know what has served me throughout it all?


I want to share my knowledge and experience with you so you can learn about your body and find the true power and joy in movement!

I believe in YOU and UNLIMITED is here to meet you wherever you are – right now.

Yes, UNLIMITED offers hundreds of home workouts, including Pilates, dumbbell workouts, mobility, balance, barre, cardio, strength training and more.

But you’ll get so much more than that when you join!

We also offer education, encouragement and empowerment. We offer live workshops on topics you care about, such as hormone health, perimenopause, osteoporosis, strength training, flexibility and more. We offer workouts and tutorials designed by a physical therapist.

We offer everything you need in order to feel strong in body, mind and spirit.

Get immediate access to hundreds of workouts, our free member app, workout plans, live meetings and workouts with me, tutorials, recipes, women’s health expertise, podcasts and more.

Find delight and strength in movement and feel supported every step along the way!

Feel SAFE and STRONG in your body

Jessica Valant – physical therapist and movement teacher – created UNLIMITED to help you feel empowered and encouraged in the body you have. Press play to learn more about UNLIMITED.

When you want to feel safe, strong and confident in movement, we are holding a spot for you.

UNLIMITED is for anyone who:

  • Wants to feel ENCOURAGED when working out
  • Would like easy to follow and creative workouts that range from Pilates to mobility to resistance training
  • Wants to build habits to help gain longterm strength, function and mobility
  • Is interested in learning strategies, the “why behind the what” and tips from a physical therapist
  • Wants support through various seasons of life (perimenopause, active aging, postpartum, injuries and more)
  • Wants safe workouts for various injuries and conditions
  • Is tired of the typical “diet culture” and is ready to let go of body shame and discouragement
  • Wants to find joy on their way to a healthy lifestyle

A Message From Jessica

I created UNLIMITED eleven years ago when I was a new mom.

I had worked as a physical therapist for years and was still learning how in the world to workout safely as a postpartum woman with endometriosis and a recently diagnosed prolapse.

I wanted workouts that felt good in my body. I wanted the right combination of Pilates, weight training, mobility and cardio.

I wanted routines that were safe for different stages of life.

I wanted more than the typical “shred”, “burn” and “no pain no gain” fitness mentality.

I wanted to feel strong again, while also taking good care of my body as I moved through various seasons of life!

I wanted a place where I felt important and seen and heard.

When I couldn’t find all of that somewhere else, I created it.

UNLIMITED has now grown into a community with thousands of members from all over the world!

This space is built on the idea that there is POWER in movement. You will find power in yourself, your relationships and your body when you find movement that feels safe, empowering and encouraging.

I strive to create a space where ALL bodies feel welcome, where we are always learning and where we can all feel resilient no matter what curveballs life throws our way.

Eleven years after creating UNLIMITED and I personally have experienced five major surgeries, endometriosis, infertility, IVF, hysterectomy, prolapse and breast cancer. I KNOW the curveballs life can throw at you. I KNOW the frustration and confusion our bodies can give us.

And I KNOW the power and joy that can be found when we discover how to be partners with our bodies through this life. When we find ways to move and exercise and reach our goals in a way that feels accessible and fun.

I use my extensive physical therapy and movement background, personal experience and loads of compassion to give you what I believe every person deserves – a safe place to move as you are, how you are and who you are.

I am so happy to have you here.

I’ll see you on your mat and I’ll see you in UNLIMITED.

Our Members love UNLIMITED

“I love the UNLIMITED website! It’s so user friendly and when I have limited time I can just do a five minute workout and feel accomplished and my spirit is lifted.”


“I’ve been enjoying your workouts since my gym closed in March of 2020. I’ve recommended you to friends who also struggle with motivation. Thank you!”


Thank you Jessica! Your sensitivity to the needs of older adults is right on! It’s comforting to know that someone understands and cares. At 62 I’m being blessed by you and my membership! After MANY efforts to maintain some kind of regular exercise I am finally able to. The monthly calendar is perfect for keeping me motivated and on task and he exercises are effective and flexible without being overwhelming!


“I want to tell you that you have a special gift to really make people feel like you care when giving instruction. I watched and tried several videos before I found your site. You are the best!”


Your UNLIMITED membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to Jessica’s entire collection of hundreds of workout videos and exercises instructions.
  • Free access to the Jessica Valant Pilates UNLIMITED app.
  • New workouts every month that are available only to UNLIMITED members!
  • Variety of workout types, including Pilates, weight training, stretching, injury prevention, barre and more!
  • Workouts range from 5-55 minutes in length, so you can find something in the time you have available.
  • Monthly workout calendar with suggested exercises for each day so you don’t have to decide on your own what workout you should do.
  • Access to other health care professionals, experts and guest teachers (including osteoporosis workouts, breast cancer rehab workouts and a registered dietician).
  • All workouts are created by Jessica, a licensed physical therapist and certified Pilates instructor.
  • Workouts for various stages of life including back pain, prenatal, postpartum, prolapse, hysterectomy, osteoporosis and more.
  • Monthly live workshops on topics that matter to you, such as hormone health, osteoporosis, how to strength train and more.
  • Healthy recipe library with new and easy recipes added every month.
  • Discounts and free access to many of Jessica’s signature programs, including Beginner Fitness Program, Prolapse Workout Guide and one on one video consultations.
  • Members only podcast.
  • Supportive and encouraging guidance.
  • All of your barre, Pilates, cardio, HIIT, weight lifting and stretching workouts in one place. You don’t need memberships to multiple studios and gyms!

Educational. Encouraging. Empowering.

All for less than the cost of two in person Pilates sessions per month!





Get immediate access to our flagship program and all we offer for less than the cost of two in-person Pilates classes per month!


In addition to what’s listed above, how is UNLIMITED different from YouTube?

UNLIMITED offers many more resources, tools, tips, challenges and events for our members! UNLIMITED members get multiple new and creative workouts every month that are never released on YouTube. All workouts are ad free and the average UNLIMITED workout is 25 minutes long, with some as long as 50 minutes, so you will get short and long workouts to chose from!
You get a monthly workout calendar with daily workout recommendations, as well as specific workout plans for beginners, back health, prolapse, postpartum and more.
Finally, members get a full healthy recipe library, members only podcast recordings and a supportive community to cheer you on.

Where can I watch the workouts?

On any device that is most convenient for you! You can screencast the workouts onto your big screen from the app or UNLIMITED website, or watch smoothly and easily from your own device.

Are there refunds available?

We do not offer refunds for paid subscriptions. If you are unsure if UNLIMITED is right for you, please email [email protected]. We are happy to answer any questions you have before you sign up!

How do I cancel?

We want to make this easy for you! You simply log into your account and cancel anytime with the click of a button. You will then not be charged for the next renewal of your subscription.