Amazing new foods to try!

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m a proud food label reader, but because of this, it can take me a while to get through my grocery store trips.  I’ve been known to stand in front of the tortilla section for 15 minutes reading the ingredients and nutritional values of every package until I find the right one.  The upside to this is that, once I find a brand I like, it makes my shopping life much easier!  I just grab and go, knowing I’ve chosen a brand that’s good for me, my family and the planet.  Here are a few finds that have a permanent place in my pantry and fridge:


Califia Almond Milk.  O. M. G.  I saw this in the cooler at Whole Foods last year and grabbed it because it was a pretty bottle.  This is by far the best almond milk I’ve ever had.  They are a California company and are committed to non-GMO foods and sustainable farming practices.  They also offer iced coffee and juices.  This toasted coconut flavor is my favorite, but I’m sure they are all great.  I’ve seen this at Whole Foods and Von’s (Safeway) here in San Diego.


bien good organic veggie pasta and enchilada sauce.  I was looking for jarred spaghetti sauce with no salt and all natural ingredients for my daughter, and I came across this.  The ingredient list is seriously 7 veggies and that’s it!  It’s certified organic and they have a few fun varieties.  It really does taste a little more like enchilada sauce than spaghetti sauce, but you can use it as a great base to add other spices.  I blended in handfuls of fresh spinach and it worked out great.  It also says “Mama Jess” in the tomato on the front of the jar – I couldn’t resist 🙂




Noosa yoghurt is just delicious.  Please please get one next time you are at the store and just try it so you can say you did.  Keep in mind that a serving size is HALF the container.  Yes it has some sugar, but it’s delicious natural sweetener without anything fake.  It kind of makes you feel like whatever you’ve been eating in the past wasn’t really yogurt.


Sprinkles cupcakes.  No one seemed to have a need to tell me there is a SPRINKLES cupcakes right here in La Jolla!  It’s probably good I didn’t know sooner.  Sometimes, you just need a really good cupcake.  These fit the bill.  I would love to find a local baker who offers a fun variety as well, so I’ll keep looking and let you know about my cupcake adventures.

Have a great weekend!

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