What’s in my Refrigerator?

I love cooking shows, but I often wonder how realistic they are.

I mean, they have other people buying groceries for them and cleaning up. All the food is already prepped.

And the refrigerator is picture perfect.

There are no half open condiments, spills or treats.

I just can’t really relate!

I love taking peeks into real people’s kitchens, so I decided to give you a tour of my own refrigerator!

This is completely unedited. I didn’t clean it out first, and actually didn’t even look to see what my hubby had added recently (you’ll find out).

Lastly, I didn’t touch the chocolate stash that I maybe should have hidden from you :). It’s real, so I left it!

Click the video link below to watch the tour and learn why I am excited to start the 10 Day Clean Eating Guide that goes with my 30 Day Bootcamp!

If you want to join us for clean eating and daily workouts, claim your spot in my next Bootcamp that starts September 1 and come have some fun!

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